We would like to welcome 2 New Members 

VO1HEC   Hedley Critch in Cavendish    &    VO1DHS  Dennis Slade in Carbonear


There will be a meeting of the UTARC on Wed Aug 29 at 7:30 PM at the Heart’s Content Cable Station

Memberships are noe due

Although the Titanic Event at Heart’s Content was basically a non-event I would like to thank Barry, Ross, Fred, Doug and Brandon for their time and efforts on behalf of the club to be set-up and available  if required.

L to R Fred.Ross.Brandon,Doug,Barry

More photos will be added in the Gallery Section

The following magazines are available online

1    73 Magazine .   http://archive.org/details/73-magazine

2   World Radio     http://www.worldradiomagazine.com/

3   TCA is available to RAC members online in the Members area of the RAC webpage



I.m  still working on the site and will be up-dating it as sections are completd

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